The Right Jewelry for Every Wedding Anniversary

 Wedding anniversaries are special occasions to celebrate with your spouse, but finding the perfect gift to show how much she means to you can be tricky!  Fear not, for the Secrète Fine Jewelry gemstone anniversary guide is here!

1st Anniversary - Gold Jewelry

Gold is a timeless and classic gift that will be treasured forever. We recommend a classic pair of earrings or a stunning gold necklace.


Custom 18k Zodiac pendants made by Secrète in Cancer and Aries. These fun, classic pieces can be customized for every sign!

2nd Anniversary - Garnet

Garnet is a gorgeous gemstone with so many gorgeous varieties. Check out our article about garnets for a full overview!


This beautiful rhodolite garnet ring, handmade in Secrète's workshop, is available at our DuPont Circle store.

3rd Anniversary - Pearls

The soft glowy sheen of pearls are classic, romantic, and absolutely timeless! From stunning white South Sea pearls to amazing black Tahitian pearls, there’s a pearl for every woman’s tastes.


A beautiful strand of South Sea pearls. 

4th Anniversary - Blue Topaz

There are so many beautiful shades of blue topaz from the moody London Blue Topaz to the bright Swiss Blue Topaz to gorgeous shades of sky and icy blues.


Secrète Fine Jewelry made this beautiful blue topaz pendant and ring years ago, but we saved the mold, so we can make one for you anytime!

This gorgeous kunzite and Swiss blue topaz necklace is accented by diamonds and set in 18k rose gold. Available at Secrète Fine Jewelry in Washington, DC.

5th Anniversary - Sapphire

Sapphires are prized gems in almost every color and durable enough for almost any jewelry application, from rings and earrings to pendants and bracelets.


A beautiful sapphire and diamond ring from Secrète Fine Jewelry in Washington, DC. 

6th Anniversary - Amethyst

Amethyst is a very beautiful gemstone in a variety of stunning purple shades (and even shades of green). The violet color is flattering on every single skin tone. For more about amethyst, check out our article on them here.

We made this modern ring in 18k yellow gold with amethyst and black diamonds. 

7th Anniversary - Onyx

Onyx is quite dramatic in its opaque black. It’s gorgeous, whether on its own or in combination with other stones.


This vintage onyx, moonstone, and yellow gold choker is from our estate collection at Secrète DC. 

8th Anniversary - Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in a wide range of beautiful colors, and you’re guaranteed to find one you love!


This green tourmaline ring in white and yellow gold surrounded by diamonds is one of our favorites-- Available now at Secrète DC. 

9th Anniversary - Lapis Lazuli

You will often see this stone used in Chinese practice of feng shui. It is thought that this stone balances positive and negative energy. Often displaying flecks of golden color, Lapis Lazuli is definitely something very special for your loved one to treasure.


One of our favorite clients had this oversize lapis ring commissioned with a gold bezel and diamond accents. It's a wow piece that speaks to the amazing statement factor of lapis. 

10th Anniversary - Diamond Jewelry

The diamond anniversary! 10 years is a very important milestone! A diamond is a gift that will be loved for generations to come!

Secrète made this beatiful diamond anniversary band with white diamonds set in white gold and natural light pink diamonds set in rose gold.


These ornate diamond earrings were made in our Bethesda workshop, inspired by vintage elegance. 

11th Anniversary - Turquoise

Turquoise can come in a wide variety of colors ranging from a deep green to lighter blues. This versatile stone looks beautiful with all metals and depending on the design, it can inspire cool Southwestern Coachella vibes or Ancient Egyptian splendor.


These turquoise earrings are from Secrète's estate collection. Showcasing the natural color variation in turquoise, they have a vintage bohemian vibe that's hard not to love. 

12th Anniversary - Jade

Jade is commonly a stunning light sea green gemstone but can be found in gorgeous flecked whites, olive greens, and even lavender shades. A favorite among China and Japan, this is a great addition to any jewelry collection.

13th Anniversary - Citrine

With a stunning yellow hue ranging from light lemon to deep orange, this is a gemstone that will shine as bright as your love!


Secrète made this beautiful custom pair of dangle earrings with an unusual but striking color combination of citrine yellow with amethyst purple.

14th Anniversary - Opal

A stunning gemstone typically found in Australia you can expect a beautiful rainbow iridescent glow from each unique stone. White opals can have a creamy white hue with a great rainbow colored flecks, while black opals range in greens and blues with multicolor iridescent, and fire opals from Mexico blaze a brilliant orange. As hard to find as a lasting love, this stone is as timeless as your devotion to each other. Secrète Fine Jewelry loves opals! Read more about this mysterious stone here.


Secrète's collection of opal jewelry is truly the most diverse and finest on the East Coast. 

15th Anniversary - Ruby  

The ruby is also called the emblem of love. This deep red stone will forever remind her of your deep love.


These simple ruby and diamond earrings are just one example of the beautiful things Secrète can do with this romantic stone. 

Secrète made this signature-ring in 18k yellow gold, diamonds, and pigeon-blood rubies for a romantic anniversary gift. To this day, it's one of our favorite creations. 

16th Anniversary - Peridot

In a wide variety of green hues ranging from deep to grassy this stunning gemstone will make an incredible set of earrings, pendant or ring. Yellow gold enhances the warm undertones of the stone, while white metals give it a cooler appearance.


These peridot, green tourmaline, and diamond earrings were made in our Bethesda workshop decades ago, but their Art Deco elegance stands the test of time. 

17th Anniversary - Watches

A watch is a great gift for both husband and wife! AtSecrète Fine Jewelry we are proud to offer a wide range of beautiful watching from top brands such as Hamilton, Oris, Kronaby, Graham, and lovely vintage watches! Our watch experts will help walk you through the process of picking out the perfect watch for you or your loved one.

Our DuPont Circle location is filled with so many beautiful watches, whether she's classic or modern, flashy or understated.

18th Anniversary - Cat's Eye  

This gemstone typically has a brown hue with tan inclusions that when hit by light give off a cat’s eye luster effect. This versatile stone makes for a brilliant ring as well as a stunning pair of feminine earrings.

19th Anniversary - Aquamarine

This is a great anniversary stone in light blue hues ranging from saturated seafoam to clear Caribbean blue. The aquamarine gemstone looks gorgeous set with diamonds.


This multi-shaped diamond and aquamarine bracelet is a gift fit for a queen!

20th Anniversary - Emerald

The 20 year anniversary is truly a milestone! The jaw-dropping grass-green emerald does not disappoint. This regal stone has been treasured for millennia. Consider a stunning pair of earrings for this milestone year.


Secrète Jewelry does emeralds in every size and shape, but always just right!

21st Anniversary - Iolite

The iolite is a violet-blue gemstone that is almost always natural (untreated) and has been valued since Viking times. After 21 years, you may think you’ve covered all the bases with jewelry, but this amazing gemstone is something rare and likely new to her jewelry collection.

22nd Anniversary - Spinel

The stone is found in a range of colors from blues, reds, purples, to pinks and the dramatic black colored spinel. Fun fact: before 1783, experts didn’t know that red spinels and rubies were actually different stones, so the famous Russian Imperial Crown “ruby,” is actually a spinel.

23rd Anniversary - Imperial Topaz

With a rich, mellow, golden color the imperial topaz has a resemblance to a fine cognac. This gemstone looks stunning in yellow gold, accented with diamonds. This stone’s rarity and refined color give it its name; the Tsars restricted its sale to anyone outside the Imperial Romanov family. What an amazing way to honor the queen of your heart!


This Imperial Topaz ring at our DuPont Circle location certainly makes a royal impression!

24th Anniversary - Tanzanite

A periwinkle or violet-blue gemstone this stone is sure to wow. This is stone became popularized in the 1960s and has been increasing in popularity since.


We love our tanzanite paired with diamonds at Secrète Fine Jewelry!

25th Anniversary - Silver Jubilee

Silver is a timeless classic. After 25 years, consider custom-designing a beautiful piece of silver jewelry with the expert designers at Secrète Fine Jewelry in either our Bethesda or Washington, DC locations.

30th Anniversary - Pearl Jubilee

Pearls a true statement of class and elegance. Consider your options from classic strands of pearls to modern, sculptural baroque pearls.

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This black Tahitian pearl and champagne diamond necklace from  Secrète Fine Jewelry's catalog shows that pearls don't have to be "traditional" to be classic.

35th Anniversary - Emerald

Emerald makes a second appearance on the anniversary list. Consider this a good opportunity to find a piece of jewelry to complement the 20th anniversary emeralds!

40th Anniversary - Ruby

If you can’t find a pair of magic ruby slippers, consider buying her a ring she will think is just as special! In shades ranging from almost-pink to deep “pigeon-blood” red, this gemstone is always a great choice.


This beautiful ring from our archives features a star ruby surrounded by diamonds. 

45th Anniversary - Sapphire

The sapphire is also listed as the 5-year anniversary stone, but after 45 years of marriage, you understand a little repetition can be just fine. Look for Ceylon sapphires in true royal blue or explore this diverse stone’s rainbow of colors.

50th Anniversary - Golden Jubilee

At 50 years of marriage, the traditional gift is gold, but we recommend commissioning a custom piece to commemorate your half-century together. We can reset engagement rings, recreate heirloom items, or start from scratch to create something as one-of-a-kind as your love.


This custom-made gold and diamond bangle from Secrète's catalog would be a meaningful tribute to your golden jubilee!

For help selecting the perfect gift to commemorate your wedding anniversary, contact us or stop by our store in Wildwood Shopping Center in Bethesda, MD or in DuPont Circle in Washington, DC. Our master jeweler, Mr. Soo, hand makes each piece of jewelry using time-honored traditional techniques.

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