Women’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Here at Secrète Fine Jewelry in Washington, DC, and Bethesda, MD, we’re here to help you choose the perfect gift for any woman on your list.

1. Custom Design

There’s one guaranteed way to find the perfect gift for the women on your 2017 holiday shopping list, and that’s why we start our holiday gift guide with custom designed jewelry. Designer Elyahu Araki and master jeweler Mr. Soo can create that perfect gift for any recipient or customize any of the beautiful jewelry you see on our website or in either of our stores.

Our jewelry is always individually designed and hand-made, never designed by a computer program or printed out like a memo. We can incorporate your heirloom gold and stones into the design or start from scratch. And the best thing is, it’s not too late to start a custom design to be ready by Christmas!

Custom emerald ring (left) in 18k white gold with diamonds, based on our original design topaz and diamond “dancing ring” in 18k yellow gold. The customer saw the topaz ring and had us make a version for her favorite stone.

2. Modern Lines-- for the sleek and chic

Sculptural, modern jewelry can be the best option for a gift for the woman whose style is sleek, architectural, or forward thinking. At Secrète Fine Jewelry in both our DC and Bethesda locations, our unique modern jewelry-- handcrafted on site by our master jeweler-- has always been a draw for the artistic-minded and stylish.

Examples like our opal rings (available in sizes from the dainty and understated to bold, statement pieces).


Australian black opal, white diamonds, 18k white gold.

3. Classics-- for timeless elegance

Some women never stray from classics, and for good reason-- they never go out of style! If the woman on your holiday shopping list dresses nods to Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn when she gets dressed, honor her elegant style with equally classic jewelry.

Whether you choose diamond studs, a strand of South Sea pearls, or gold hoops, Secrète Fine Jewelry can help you find the perfect piece. Because all of our jewelry is expertly crafted with the finest attention to detail, these classics are never “basics,” but instead possess simple, understated beauty.


Necklace with gray South Sea pearl, champagne diamond, 18k white gold.

4. Beautiful Timepieces

A watch can be a lovely gift for the woman on your Christmas shopping list for so many reasons! Whether she’s not a “jewelry-person” (or as we say at Secrète, “not a jewelry-person yet”), or whether she simply doesn’t yet have a fine timepiece, a watch is a perfect gift for any woman. For a romantic gift, as she sees it on her wrist every hour of every day, she’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness as well as the romantic symbolism of your time together. Watches also make a great gift for those non-romantic women in your life-- like sisters and co-workers for whom a jewelry gift might be “a bit much.”

It’s also been a long-held misconception that only men appreciate the intricate mechanics of precise Swiss watches. At Secrète Fine Jewelry in DuPont Circle, we know first-hand that women are often as intrigued with the mechanics of these delicate instruments as their male counterparts.

Stop by our DuPont Circle store to check-out our lovely selection of ladies’ watches, from lovely Oris and Hamilton watches to gorgeous vintage timepieces.

Oris Artelier Date Diamonds “Queen of Diamonds.”

5. Vintage Treasures

Estate jewelry is a great choice for holiday gifts for every woman on your list. With vintage-inspired designs trending everywhere in 2017, it seems the way to be fashion-forward is to look back in time.

We have a large selection of vintage rings, earrings, pins, and necklaces at both our DC and Bethesda locations, and our experts on staff offer you the peace of mind that each setting has been checked for security and each stone for authenticity before it reaches your recipient.

One of the things that makes estate jewelry a great idea is because of its one-of-a-kind appeal. It’s a perfect choice for the woman you think is your one and only. It also makes a great gift for mothers, aunts, and grandmothers. Any member of the Secrète Fine Jewelry team can help you choose the best vintage gift-- whether something to remind your grandmother of her childhood or something to make your wife’s heart melt!

A vintage pink sapphire, diamond, and white gold ring from our DuPont Circle estate jewelry cabinet.

6. Affordable Fine Jewelry

We’re sure that everyone would love to be able to festoon the women on their holiday shopping list with carats and carats of flawless diamonds, but that’s not exactly realistic for most of us. Secrète Fine Jewelry makes beautiful, special jewelry for every price-point.

Some jewelers offer a selection of flimsily-made massed produced jewelry for customers on a tighter budget, but we’re just too proud of the master-crafted jewelry we make to dilute our vision like that. Instead, we hand-craft beautiful jewelry that fits both our artistic vision and your budget. We’re able to source stones, scale designs, and incorporate both precious and semi-precious metals and gems to keep our costs down. Because we’re a small, local business, we also avoid the overhead costs that big corporate jewelers have.


Rose and rough cut aquamarine, chrysoprase, and emerald rings in sterling silver with rose-gold accents (most of the rings in this series are under $300).

No matter who your recipient is, Secrète Fine Jewelry is a great resource for finding the perfect gift this year. To inquire about any of the gifts featured in this guide, or for complimentary personal shopping services, send us an email. Even if you’re not in the greater Washington, DC area, we’re happy to work with you via phone, email, video chatting, and international shipping to serve your watch and jewelry needs.

Call 202 588 7275, email contact@secrete.com, or visit one of our stores, andmention this blog to get special discounts!