Wedding Party Gift Guide

When it comes to choosing gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, there’s a lot to consider. At Secrète Fine Jewelry in Washington, DC, and Bethesda, MD, we our brides and grooms to think outside the box. Resist the temptation to go generic, and choose personal gifts for your wedding party.

Secrète Fine Jewelry has a few simple rules to help you find the perfect gift for your wedding party.


This dainty necklace features a pretty Akoya pearl and diamonds on 18k gold. 


  1. Wedding party gifts do not have to match.


Many brides and grooms feel pressure to find one gift that’s just right for all the groomsmen or all the bridesmaids, but our friends aren’t one-size-fits-all, so many couples end up choosing generic gifts for their wedding party to try to accommodate everyone. Instead, consider individualized gifts.

If his best friend is an attorney at a big K Street firm, gold cuff links might be a great choice, but that doesn’t mean his contractor brother who doesn’t own a French-cuffed shirt can’t have that nice bottle of whiskey he’ll actually enjoy.

We hand-made these classic cuff-links in lapis and 18k yellow gold in our Bethesda workshop. They may be perfect for your most dapper groomsmen.

Similarly, there’s no reason all the bridesmaids need to get the same simple necklace. Honor their personal senses of style. Her conservative sister may appreciate a classic strand of pearls, while her boho college roommate may love a unique and funky vintage bangle.

This amazing early Victorian bangle is part of Secrète's Estate Fine Jewelry collection at our DuPont Circle location. Featuring twin dragons in rose-gold, rough diamonds, citrine, rubies, and pearls, this antique bracelet is one of a kind. Do you have a maid-of-honor deserving of our "Khaleesi bangle"?


2. Wedding party gifts do not need to be “on-theme.”


Wedding themes are great, don’t get us wrong. Themes create a cohesive, memorable event and simplify design choices. But themes have their limits. Even if your wedding is on the National Mall, it doesn’t mean your friends really want Washington Monument tchotchkes. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen have already invested their time and money on dresses and suits in your color-scheme, hairstyles from your moodboard, or travel to your destination. A great way to recognize how much your bridal party has done for you is to make the gifts about them.

If he thinks his groomsmen would love Hamilton’s new Khaki Field, go for it-- nobody will expect your wedding to be war-themed to match the watch, so why expect the gift to match the wedding theme?

Hamilton's New Khaki Field Mechanical has a classic military style and retro vibes. Find it at our DuPont Circle location. 

If she thinks her bridesmaids would enjoy the fitness features of the Kronaby Nord connected watch, don’t worry if it doesn’t match the flowers or if it’s not something they can wear with their bridesmaid dresses. Get them what you think they’ll love. 


Kronaby's watches are great, functional, classic timepieces with a high-tech twist-- they happen to function as smart-watches. Check them out in our DC store.


3. Wedding party gifts do not need to be engraved with your wedding date, your names inside a heart, or wedding bells.


This rule may seem a little harsh, and we’re not trying to say your friends won’t be happy to see a reminder of your wedding forever… actually that’s exactly what we’re trying to say.

There’s nothing wrong with engraving, though! Engraving the back of an Oris Diver 65 for your best friend is a really cool idea. Engraving your maid-of-honor’s monogram on a sterling silver picture frame makes for a classic gift. Sentiment is fine, sentiment is awesome, but it is easily overdone.

This is the type of gift worth engraving... the Oris Diver 65. Available at Secrète DuPont Circle. 


4. Wedding party gifts do not need to be “wedding party gifts.”


A quick search for “bridesmaid gifts” or “groomsmen gifts” leads you to a lot of items that can be personalized, like luxury coat-hangers (seriously) or whiskey bottles (is he really going to funnel booze from one bottle to another just because it has his name on it?)... but just because they can be personalized doesn’t make them personal, or even mean they should be personalized.

At Secrète, we see a lot of cool couples feeling the pressure of doing their weddings “the right way.” We think it’s best to be true to yourself, not a magazine’s ideas. Instead of thinking of your gifts as “Wedding Party Gifts,” think about them as gifts for your brother, your best friend, your sister, your colleague. These are your friends. Don’t let the wedding industrial complex convince you that your best friend really wants a set of monogrammed Moscow Mule mugs-- especially if you’ve only ever seen her drink white wine. Your instincts are better.

These original rings at Secrète Fine Jewelry are nicknamed the "dancing rings" by owner Elyahu. Handmade in our Bethesda location and far from cookie-cutter, they can be customized to and color or size.


5. Consider what you’ve received as a bridesmaid or usher-- be inspired by what you would find thoughtful, and avoid things that are just another trinket.

Many of us have had the honor of being in a friend’s wedding party prior to our own big day. We’ve received the gifts, some of which have made it to a place of honor in our homes and lives, while others have gone straight to the junk drawer. Use the Golden Rule of Gifting: If you wouldn’t want it, don’t give it.

Last year, a young DC bride had Secrète make diamond studs for all her bridesmaids. I know we said wedding party gifts don't have to match, but we have a feeling all her friends were happy with her decision. 

Want a little help finding gifts for your bridal party? Stop by Secrète Fine Jewelry-- we promise to listen to your ideas about what your friends would actually love!


Abigail Bracy