Introducing Junghans Watches

Secrète Fine Jewelry in Washington, DC, is excited to announce the latest watch line to be introduced to our curated collection of fine timepieces: Junghans has finally arrived!

About Junghans

Junghans has a long history of watch and clock-making. We love these retro alarm clock girls. 

Junghans is a watchmaking company steeped in rich tradition. Founded in Schramberg, a village in southwest Germany, in 1861, the company got its start manufacturing precise mechanical clock components and soon moved into clock making. Junghans’ brilliant engineers innovated new movements and designs from the start, looking both to Old World techniques and also to the great American inventors of the late Victorian age. By 1903, Junghans was the largest watch and clock producer in the world, producing more than 3 million timepieces each year. Throughout the early 20th century, Junghans continued to press innovation standards forward, collaborating with designers of early Mercedes Benz cars to engineer evermore efficient and functional mechanical elements in automobile design, and creating gorgeous in-house chronograph movements and specialty pilot watches in their Schramberg factory.

The Junghans factory in Germany is built like a staircase along the side of a hill. This thoughtful architecture ensured that every watchmaker's workshop had the maximum amount of daylight possible, increasing visibility and therefore precision. This factory is still used today.

By the 1960s, the renowned Swiss-born Bauhaus-educated Max Bill joined Junghans to introduce a purist, Modern aesthetic to the timepieces, starting with the iconic designer kitchen clock that’s still in production today and branching out into a line of simple, sleek wrist-watches for men and women. Junghans continued to innovate throughout the following decades, earning the prestige to be named the official timekeeper for the 1972 Munich Olympics. In the 80s, Junghans introduced a futuristic watch that tells perfect time with a radio-controlled movement, and continued to develop this space-age precision further over the following decades to create one of the most accurate timepieces ever.

The first Max Bill modernist kitchen clock. 

The Max Bill Automatic is sleek and cool in black. Available now at Secrète's DuPont Circle Store. 

In the last decade, Junghans has renewed its long standing commitment to tradition, innovation, precision, and understated elegance. Paying homage to its automobile history with new lines like the Meister Driver and moving forward with even more innovative timekeeping mechanics in all its watches, Junghans represents the best of both worlds: timeless style and timely engineering.

The Meister Driver Handaufzug in black has real style with that creamy small second dial. Available now at our DC store.

Why we love Junghans watches

At Secrète Fine Jewelry, we put the same amount of care into deciding which watches to present to our clients as we do our jewelry design. With a history of hand-crafting the finest jewelry in the Washington, DC area for over 30 years, we are conscious of craftsmanship, details, and style. Junghans is not the typical style-over-substance watchmaker you’ll see at every mall-shop in America. Instead, it is a thoughtful, family-run company with a history of excellence and well-made products. That’s what we love.

Junghans offers something different on the watch scene. Our clientele-- both DC-based and global-- is diverse, but Junghans speaks to the timepiece needs for so many of the clients we love.


Who can resist the subtle curves of the dial and subdial on this Meister Handaufzug?

It offers a sophisticated office-appropriate line called Meister-- a collection of understated watches that stand out because of details, not glitz. Junghans Meister watches have details we love like the sexy curve of a convex dial, the three-dimensionality of concave subdials, and the slim old-school construction featuring specially scratch-resistant acrylic crystals (harkening back to the mid-century acrylic crystals used on vintage Rolex, Omega, and Patek). These elegant watches for men and women fit the classic Washingtonian style: beautiful in detail, elegant in construction, but never too flashy.

The Meister Driver Automatic has just the right amount of vintage-inspired edge.

The vintage-inspired Meister Driver line fills the niche for those wanting a unique watch that’s not too unique. These amazing conversation pieces are inspired by antique dashboards, gauges, and dials. Their retro-yet-subdued styles transition easily between casual weekend looks and business formal dress codes. With other cool details like “handaufzug” (hand-winding) movements available, these have all the cool vintage-inspired details.

This Max Bill Handaufzug is a simple, modern, minimalist classic.

We also love the Max Bill collection. Let’s face it: lots of watch brands have put a Bauhaus-inspired minimalist Modern aesthetic in production, but Junghans’ Max Bill collection was where it all started. Max Bill is the original minimalist watch. It’s the first, the original, and still the best. While imitators are in no short supply, at Secrète, we respect the real artist who started it all. For more about Max Bill, check out MoMA’s website, where 33 of his works are displayed online.

The Meister Telemeter originally debuted in the 1930s, but has been continually modified for precision over the decades. This current version is one of the loveliest and most precise automatic watches we've seen.

Secrète also believes in the value of Junghans. Junghans watches are beautiful, made in Germany, and absolute treasures of precision, but we wouldn’t carry them if we couldn’t deliver them to our customers at a fair price-point. The Junghans line runs from about $500 to $2500, making these little luxuries incredibly accessible.

The clean lines and smaller size of this Junghans Damen ("Ladies") watch are just right. 

Finally, Junghans offers a great selection of women’s wristwatches. You might be thinking, “Don’t all watch companies carry options for women?” The answer is… yes and no. The fact of the matter is that many watch designers have a few token ladies watches in the mix, but don’t actively think of women’s watch design as something worth much consideration. Secrète’s resident vintage-horology-enthusiast happens to be a woman, and we believe that the jewelry shop shouldn’t be divided down the center (with ladies on the jewelry side and men on the watch side) because style and interest knows no gender. Junghans’ “Damen” collections offer lovely timepieces for women, ranging from the elegant and dressy to the practical and rugged. Furthermore, the practical sizing of the watch-cases means most Junghans watches are easily worn unisex.

Are you ready to try an elegant, affordable watch with unsurpassed engineering? Stop by Secrète Fine Jewelry's DuPont Circle location today, or contact us about free domestic shipping. 


Abigail Bracy