Our Collection

At Secrète Jewelry we carry a full line of Oris Watches. Stop by at any time at our Dupont Circle boutique to view the collection or contact us to inquire about models and pricing. We are happy to help you get any special order, or current production model to add to your collection. 

Why Oris?

Oris is a Swiss watch maker that has been in business for over 100 years. As if you needed another reason beyond their long history, the craftsmanship that goes into the purely mechanical and intricately designs should make these watches a worthwhile investment. The final reason to buy Oris is the celebrity status that comes with one of these watches; worn buy celebrities ranging from Formula One drivers, divers, jazz musicians, along with pilots! 

ORIS Movements

Each of our watches has a mechanical movement at its heart, as well as a visible red rotor, the patented symbol of Oris High-Mech. This rotor is the innovation that enabled the progression from hand winding to automatic movements.

We invite you on a journey through time: here is the current collection of Oris movements.